Compare members of the Raindrops System

Member Member Member Member Member Mmbr. Species Species Species Species Spec. Spec. Relations Relations Relations Relations Relt. Relt. MCF MCF MCF MCF MCF MCF Fictive Fictive Fictive Fictive Fic. Fic. Little Little Little Little Ltl. Ltl. Protector Protector Protect. Protect. Prt. Prt. Cloudy DreamsCloudy earth 1 No No No Yes Starry NightStarry unicorn 2 No No No Yes ScootalooScootaloo alicorn pegasus 7 No Yes Yes No Zipp StormZipp pegasus 1 No Yes No No Filly ScootsFilly Scoots pegasus 2 No Yes Yes No Rainbow DashRainbow pegasus 2 No Yes No No Posey BloomPosey earth - No Yes No No Babs SeedBabs earth 1 No Yes Yes No Frost CrystalsFrost crystal 2 No No Yes No Violet DawnViolet batpony 1 No No No No Mossy StormMossy pegasus 1 No No No No Dusk RainbowDusk unicorn 1 No No No No StuffieStuffie unicorn 1 No No No No

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