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Shared memory:


I'm Twi, or Leah. Whichever you prefer honestly!

I don't exactly know who I really am, but my current theory is that I'm the result of Twilight casting a "Want It, Need It" spell while subconsciously wanting to have a child. That makes me Twilight's child. That's why I look like her (except I'm a pegasus instead of a unicorn or alicorn).

I was the most common fronter for the Cloudburst System, however as my marefriend (Scoots) dropped shared memory access, I have as well and I no longer front as often as usual. I sometimes front to spend time with my marefriends though.

I came from Equestria around the same time as Scoots (replacing the original creature who was the most common fronter at the time) and I shared memory until both me and her dropped it, once I dropped shared memory access I joined The Sparkles subsystem (A group of ponies from Equestria who don't have shared memory access).

I don't plan on regaining shared memory access until both of our systems are together IRL (as we plan to live together)

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